Fire Resistant Paint

Fire Resistant Paint

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We offer our clients high quality range of Fire Resistant Paint. These paints find extensive application in various steel items. Our offered range of paints act as a strong fire resistant when applied on surface of the objects.




  • A high performance
  • High build
  • Solvent free water based


Description :


  • In-tumescent fireproofing coating
  • Designed to be used on wooden and masonry structures
  • Requiring protection from cellulosic fires
  • Typically applied on site
  • Fire-X 101 will achieve the desired protective thickness in one or two coats, as required


Recommended Use:


  • To assist in the preservation of structural integrity of wood work and masonry in a cellulosic fire
  • Typical application areas are hospitals, educational facilities, malls, industrial Complexes


Physical Properties :


  • Color: as per order
  • Viscosity (B4): 70±10 secs
  • Specific gravity: 1.35± 0.03
  • Thickness: thickness of a single coat of fire-x 101 is around 40μ
  • Coverage: theoretically, 1 litre of fire-x 101 covers up to 40-45 sq.ft on wooden surfaces and 45-50 sq.ft on masonry surface


Drying time :


  • Surface dry : 30 min
  • Hard dry : 2½ hrs


Surface preparation :


  • All surfaces to be coated
  • Should be clean, dry and free from loose particles and contamination
  • The substrate should be primed with a recommended primer




  • Fire-X 101 is a one component coating and should be mixed thoroughly with a power agitator
  • Spray and Brush application is recommended and this product is not designed for Roller or Dip application


Clean Up:


  • All tools, spray guns etc should be cleaned up with water after application of Fire-X 101




  • Typical shelf life of Fire-X 101 is 12 months